CASTANIA employs the most sophisticated techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that the most meticulous hygienic conditions are maintained in our food processing plant.

Only the finest ingredients and raw materials are used and all of our products are subjected to the most rigorous quality control procedures.
The Laboratory
The Laboratory
In CASTANIA' laboratory tests are conducted on raw materials and finished products using high-tech advanced equipment, keeping all our food safe.

  • Raw materials are analyzed upon receipt from storage both Physically in terms of size, defect kernels, flavor… and chemically
  • Finished products are submitted to numerous tests during production Daily tests include: label, weight, sealing, O2 level by oxygen readers
The Factory
The Factory
The CASTANIA factory is extends over 10,000 SQM of land including 5,000 SQM of cold storage with a capacity of 6,000 T per year.

CASTANIA's roasting division has a capacity of 6000 M.T per year. We use the most modern roasting techniques to ensure optimal quality, flavor and crisp, eliminating humidity to the maximum without damaging the alkaloids responsible for the taste.

A fully-fledged quality control department supervises the entire process… We mainly apply two very different roasting techniques and our choice is determined by the product itself:

  • The Traditional Roasting Technique consisting of roasting the nuts in soft refined salt medium. Each product is processed in an independent machine in order to provide it with the exact temperature needed. Before cooling, the roasted nuts are placed in special sieves separating them from salt. This is the most commonly utilized technique at the CASTANIA plant.
  • The Dry Roasting Technique is the process during which the raw nuts are carried into the roasting machine by a special conveyor belt where the nuts are exposed to a current of convectional dry hot air. After being roasted, the nuts are transported onto a cooling belt.